National Pet Travel Safety Day falls on January 2, so there’s no better time to learn how to hit the road or head to the skies with your furry friend. Follow our guide to travel safely with your pet.


Stock up on your pet’s necessities before traveling

Before hitting the road or boarding a plane, ensure your pet has all they need to stay safe and healthy. Purchase enough food, treats, and medication refills to have extra in case your travel plans go awry. 


Double-check airline regulations for pets before booking your flight

Airlines have specific regulations concerning pets and how they can travel. Before booking your flight, see if your pet is allowed in the cabin or if they’ll be housed in the cargo hold with the luggage. Breed and temperature restrictions also may apply, so call ahead or check out the airline’s website to ensure your pet is free to travel by plane with you.


Learn about your destination country’s animal regulations

If you’re traveling outside the country, or sometimes even across state lines, your pet will need a health certificate to gain entry. You may need additional documents and forms to bring your pet to a new country, so verify all the requirements before traveling. 


Ensure your pet’s identification is up to date before traveling

If something goes wrong and you’re separated from your pet, ensuring they have multiple forms of up-to-date identification is vital for bringing you back together. For example, if your pet has not yet been microchipped, before you travel is the time to do so. In addition, if you’ve moved or changed your phone number since your pet has been microchipped, call the registration company to update your contact information. Also, check to see if your pet’s collar ID tags are still legible and have the correct phone number. 


If your pet needs their vaccinations updated, a refill of their medication, or a health certificate completed, our team is here to help make your travel plans run smoothly. Call us for an appointment.