What is pyometra?

It is always seen in un-spayed female pets regardless of their breeding status. Pyometra is an important disease to be aware of for any dog or cat owner because of the sudden nature of the disease and the deadly consequences if left untreated. It has been compared to appendicitis in humans because they both consist of a pus-filled cavity that has essentially burst/will burst.

What causes pyometra?

Simply put, pyometra happens when a female pet is not spayed. After a pet’s heat, when their cervix is beginning to heal back to normal it is common for bacteria to migrate into the uterus, closing the cervix… preventing uterine drainage. This is where pus starts forming and filling into the uterus.

What are the symptoms?

The most common symptom of pyometra is a pus discharge from the vulva. Other symptoms include vomiting, loss of appetite, and increased drinking and urinating.


The most important aspect of treatment in pyometra is quick action to provide supportive care. Female pets are often rushed to emergency septic and in shock. The only treatment is to perform an emergency spay.

The only way to keep your pet 100% safe from this deadly disease is it spay your pet. Not only does this stop this disease from forming, but also halts the chances of unwanted breeding. It’s a win-win either way. Let’s keep our puppies and kitties safe! To set up a consultation with our Vets please follow this link http://bit.ly/savemyspawt