An entire month has been devoted to our feline friends! December is National Cat Lovers Month, and to celebrate your love for cats, try the following five tips.


#1: Treat your cat to a grooming session

Although cats are fastidious about their hygiene, they generally enjoy a helping hand when it comes to grooming. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove loose fur and dead skin from your cat’s coat, wipe out their ears with cotton balls, and trim their nails. Finish with a relaxing cat massage as a special treat.


#2: Help out your local animal shelter by sharing their adoptable cats on your social media

It can be challenging for cats in shelters to find new homes, but sharing adoptable pets on social media helps spread the word. If there is a senior cat or one who has been at the shelter for a long time, consider sponsoring them or even fostering them until they can find a home.


#3: Craft fleece beds or toys for your cat

Create a cozy new bed for your cat to keep them warm during the winter months, or design toys out of recycled materials at home. December is a great month to reuse old items around your home, plus it gives your cat a fabulous new bed or entertaining toy. If you are not crafty, pick up a new pack of catnip-filled mice—your cat won’t know the difference.


#4: Whip up a batch of homemade cat treats

When you make your cat treats from scratch, you can adjust the ingredients to play to their tastes. Search the internet for recipes containing cat-friendly ingredients, such as tuna, chicken, and cheddar cheese. 


#5: Learn new facts about cats

Cats are mysterious creatures, and we’re always discovering new information about them. Take the time to learn new facts about your kitty by talking to your veterinarian or reading a book about feline health.


Show your kitty how much you love them this December! Keep your cat healthy and happy with regular veterinary care by contacting our team for an appointment.