The most important time to socialize a pet is before they are 12 weeks old. As responsible pet owners, we need to make sure we are hitting all areas when it comes to pet socialization- with other pet’s, with people and even the environment. Unsocialized pets can become anxious, unpredictable or even dangerous.

Here are 5 reasons to socialize your new furmily member:

1. So they aren’t afraid of people
Letting your new fur-baby be around, pet and held by other people is really important for their socialization! Getting them used to other humans makes them feel more comfortable around strangers and less reactive/protective towards them. A great way to do this is by having all guests who enter your home greet your pet right away… maybe even have them throw in a treat for good measure!

2. So they know how to act around other animals
Having your pet exposed in areas with other pets (who are healthy and vaccinated) is also important in those first 12 weeks. You want to get them used to other pet’s smells, behaviors, sounds, and actions. For dogs, placing them in a day care where they can play in a supervised setting helps them get comfortable around other dogs without the unexpected and sometimes negative behavior they can experience at dog parks. For cats, letting them be exposed to well behaved dogs and other cats will help prepare them for the future possibility of another furmily member joining the family or even visiting. This will ease any anxiety or aggression towards other pet’s in their future.

3. So they aren’t afraid of unfamiliar places
Socializing your pet also needs to happen in the environment as well. Taking them for walks, to the park, hiking, to the vet or over to a friend’s house helps them get a bigger perspective of their new world. It shows them not to be afraid when they leave their home. This way they will have the confidence to be almost anywhere!

4. To build their confidence
Socializing your pet will give them a whole new confidence in all areas of their life. Unsocialized/insecure pet’s can experience anxiety, aggressive tendencies or over-protectiveness. Making sure your fur-baby is exposed to all areas above will make them a well-rounded pet, giving them the confidence to be in all situations.

5. To promote a healthy life
A well socialized pet will have a higher chance at living a stress-free life. Being comfortable around new people, other pet’s, this crazy everchanging environment, and with their own self can reduce some health risks and may contribute to a longer life!

A well socialized pet = a healthy happy pet!

If you have any questions about socializing your new furmily member always consult with your veterinarian! If your clinic has a puppy/kitten package available, we recommend utilizing those and take the inclusive exam consultations to talk about your concerns or conflicts with socializing!

If you are in Solano County or surrounding areas, Pawsh Place offers puppy & kitten packages that include everything your new fur-baby needs to get started! Vaccines, exams, consultations, prevention and their spay/neuter all comes at one discounted price!