The Origins of Pawsh Place

PawshPlacelogoThe fruition and existence of Pawsh Place Veterinary Center and Boutique is truly a miracle founded in the heart of downtown Vacaville.  It is a testimony to the group effort of many, local citizens who value their pets and the progress of our downtown business area.   

In 2014 I moved to Vacaville with the intention to set up a veterinary practice.  I walked around the downtown and noticed a lot of personality, with its little shops and restaurants.  I envisioned a place where pet owners could grab a snack or browse around while their pet received services in my practice.  I wanted to create a place that was fun, celebrating the joy of pet ownership and the family enhancement they provide; while ensuring clearly communicated care that would causatively create a collaborative experience between my veterinary staff and pet parents. My vision turned into a survey.  Wherever I would walk I would ask people if they had pets and what they would like to receive from their veterinary experience. 

These great conversations happened in the grocery store, or the bank, even in restaurants.  Once I collected some valuable information, I went to the downtown merchants and asked the same questions.  I trusted that our local community would be able to help me understand what type of pet care services were needed in this area. I think the best part of this survey was realizing how connected our citizens are. Everyone knows everyone.  I normally don’t like speaking in absolute terms but relationships here go back a minimum of 20 years! 

To me, being a traveler to many states, living no more than 10 years in any locale, I found this fascinating.  The consensus ended up being that folks wanted a one stop shop with veterinary care, grooming, training, play care, a unique retail shopping experience and emergency care. We wanted these services delivered in a welcoming environment, with the comfort that comes from a small town atmosphere.    

All that data pooled into one very clear idea and I set to work meeting with a local architect while purchasing a local practice named Mid Valley Veterinary Hospital.  This 25 year old practice became my launching pad! After changing our name to Pawsh Place, it allowed me the opportunity to start growing my clientele and developing my staff while our new location was under construction. We grew and grew, the new location was completed just in time because we were bursting at the seams in the old location.  Already in less than 1 year of being in our new location, we are able to provide a 2 doctor practice experience, grooming, training and play care pet services. Our pet boutique will be opening very soon and we anticipate being able to provide later hours and emergency services in 2017.

Our growth is very exciting and I’m so proud to be a part of the our heartwarming, downtown business community.  We sincerely love our pet families and are grateful that they’ve chosen us as their pet care provider! With great passion and appreciation, I look forward to what the future holds.

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