Hello, my name is Jordyn Lisec and I’m a bather here at Pawsh! I’m 17 years old and started working here in September of 2017. I love animals and my eagerness to learn more about pet care has only flourished since working here. I remember being younger and my teachers asking us questions on the first day of school like, “What are your favorite hobbies?” and “Where were you born?” My favorite question was always, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Instantly I would scribble down “Veterinarian”. My love for all animals, in particular dogs, started when I was young. My first dog was a Weimaraner named Granite. I loved Granite so much and completely fell in love with the breed. Since then, I have had the pleasure of growing up with 4 other Weimaraners! My current pup, Jupiter, is a client here at Pawsh. My parents are extremely happy here and can’t imagine going anywhere else for our pet care needs. I have 2 other fur-babies as well, Django and Katie. I also have a not-so-furry friend Riker, who is a 4-year-old bearded dragon. I’ve had the best experience being a part of Team Pawsh and I can’t wait to see what memories and skill sets I acquire while working here. Working at Pawsh feels more like you’re a part of a big family. We work together and support each other to give your pet the best care possible. There is a loving and welcoming spirit here, one that makes you feel special. I hope you’ll bring your pets in soon, we’re looking forward to making you both feel special too!