Hi my name is Sarah and I am new here at Pawsh Place! I currently work in the vet clinic as an environmental specialist where I get the opportunity to learn more about animal healthcare. For as long as I can remember I would beg my mom for pets, we’ve had snakes, rabbits, dogs and cats… Even rats! With my love for animals, I knew I wanted to work with and help them when I grew up. I’m planning on becoming a Vet Assistant/Tech and also have hopes of one day becoming a Veterinarian. Working at Pawsh gives me valuable pet care experience and the opportunity to be hands on with animals and their medical care! The supportive atmosphere here makes me even more passionate about having a career helping animals! When I’m not at Pawsh, I out riding and showing horses, enjoying adventuring outdoors, and raising pigs for fair! I take every opportunity I can to be around animals, this is just another reason why Pawsh is such a good fit for me! Hope to meet you and your pets soon!